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        Contact us

        Report Center

        LIZHI national reporting line0517-89080708

        Report Email[email protected]

        Customer Services

        Follow our WeChat Official Account “LIZHI App Service” and send us your questions
        Working hours: 10:00~20:00


        3-07, Yangcheng Creative Industry Zone, No. 309, Huangpu Avenue, Guangzhou, China

        Thank you for your attention and support to LIZHI, we look forward to working with you.

        Product suggestions and feedbacks

        [email protected]

        Operating cooperation including livestreaming, content recommendation, content placement, content replacement, etc.

        [email protected]

        Paid content access including external content cooperation access, audio and video columns, radio drama, etc.

        [email protected]

        Channel promotion including application distribution, channel placement, cooperative resources exchange, cooperation with mobile phone manufacturers, etc.

        [email protected]

        Advertising Full site advertising, display advertising, audio advertising, brand podcast, etc.

        [email protected]

        Brand cooperation

        [email protected]

        Public relations and media interviews

        [email protected]

        Open platform cooperation including hardware access, content output, etc.

        [email protected]

        Copyright cooperation including copyright cooperation and rights protection, etc.

        [email protected]

        MCN & Family cooperation Family consultation, family settlement, family connection, family opinion feedback, etc.

        [email protected]QQ: 3002878956